Moorhaven Folkmoot


folkmoot. , folkmote, folkmot n (in early medieval England) an assembly of the people of a district, town, or shire English Collins Dictionary

Business Meeting Feb. 7, 2017

Held at Lady Katherine’s home.

Moorhaven’s Bylaws and Financial Policy were discussed and voted on to accepts as submitted.

Business Meeting –  January 3, 2017

Held at Lady Katherine’s home. 

During the meeting we discussed the events that would be happening near us, and who would be attending them. We touched on both the polling for the Baron and Baroness and who the candidates are as well as Hrothgar’s knighting and his vigil. We discussed adding a single Saturday meeting during the month to supplement. We voted on whether or not to have Sunday classes in things such as garb making and other SCA related things. We also came up to speed on what vendors we are trying to invite to join our event. We also discussed getting together for berry picking, making candied citruses, and making cordials. Kay has volunteered to make the tokens for Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday. We also discussed setting up bread and butter making or sometime in April after the events died down. Jeanita has also said that we can use her land to practice archery.

Business Meeting –  August 23, 2016

Held at Lady Katherine’s home.

Collegium was a great time 🙂  We started thinking of ways to improve our ideas for next time, and get an even better turn out 🙂   Patrick has the awesome idea of a tavern style luncheon for next time that Karen and I are exploring…

  • Commons is September 24th!   It’ll be held right at the Britton Center, where we held Collegium. Commons, for our newer folks, is where representatives from the entire Barony get together and talk business (and fight or hold a basic class).    Anyone happen to know if there is anything scheduled for an A&S before the meeting?   We gather around 10/11am and the meeting starts around 2 PM and goes until at least 4, from past experience.
  • WoW (War of the Wings) is coming up in OCTOBER! ~ ((IOctober 11-16, 2016 at Elchinbur Castle))   Make your reservations with Her Excellency, Asta, for land use, if you are camping with the Barony!   Do it soon, do it quick…or you may be out of the range of the real fun!   If you can make the event, you wont be sorry!
A little more locally, here are the events within a few hours drive of us… Please feel free to add more if you know of them!
  • September 9-11: Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday!   We have ties with their Barony and they’re really great people.. If you can, head up to Elchinburg (Boonville, NC) and have a wonderful time!
  • September 11 – Florence Comic Con!  I will be at this event, with spinning wheel, fiber and a couple of drop spindles.   if you show up before open on the 11th, IN GARB!!!!, admission is free as we are demo’ing!   I went last year with Ivy and I had a really enjoyable time 🙂
  • September 17 – Silver Chalice!  Mannnn… I’ve looked at the menu for this event, held here in Myrtle Beach (Again, Karen and Qulan (other Candace!) have the actual address).  This is set to be a great event, with the temperatures starting to come down…  And hey!  Its the beach!  Everything is great at the Beach!   Please feel free to go to Tear-Sea Shores’ pages for the actual event info.
  • September 23-25 Southern War Practice – I don’t know much about this event, other then it sounds like much bashing and activity!   I hear it’s a great time for those who are martially minded!
Looking forward to our next meeting, which is, I believe SEPTEMBER 6th!
Submitted by Lady Candace Rose

Baronial Commons –  July 30, 2016

  1. Sep. 17th. – Silver Chalice.   The autocrat is Lady Qulan.
  2. Sep. 24th – Baronial Commons, it will be hosted by Moorhaven
  3. Sep. 24th is the Southern War Practice.
  4. Second weekend in November – Dual Demo.  Between the Roman Legion and the SCA
  5. Last weekend of January – Tourney of Manannan. It will be a camping event at Gichans State Park, SC.  The autocrat is Excellency Adendra.
  6. March 24-26 – Hidden Mountains Baronial Birthday will be at Camp Sandy Ridge, Bennettsville, SC. The autocrat is Lady Kathrine of the Doves.

Business Meeting – Tuesday, July 19, 2016

At the home of Lady Katherine of the Doves

This Tuesday’s meeting was a business meeting with 6 regular members were in attendance (Lord Hrothgar, Lady Isabella Arabella Daughter,  Lord Paul Lorenson,  Lady Eluzaberh, Lady Katherine of the Doves and Lady Esme Rose as well as two guests (new to us folk).  Discussed were:

  1.  Collegium – site tokens, favors and classes were discussed in detail.  It was suggested that next year the location be booked in early April so that a suite of hotel rooms can be reserved for out of town participants before the tourists snap them all up.  The flyer is to be posted on Facebook daily to garner more participants.
  2. Silver Chalice – Moorhaven members were asked to check out the two new options for location for future Silver Chalice, so a further discussion can be held.
  3. WOW – discussed making reversible belt tokens for all Moorhaven members to wear, Moorhaven heraldry on one side, Hidden Mountain on the other.  To help identify us at WOW and other gatherings.
  4. Following the meeting a delicious vegetarian potluck was enjoied by everyone.


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