Oh, the Places We’ve Been (And The Things We’ve Done!)

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KASF – March 4, 2017

We were well represented at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival in Greenville, SC.  Lady Katherine of the Doves,  Lady Umm Samin, and Lady Elizabeth,  as well as Baroness Asta Knarrarbringa and many more Hidden Mountain members.   Lady Katherine held a lovely cerimony during court inducting a new page into the academy.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

In this well attended event there were dozens of amazing exhibits and competition entries.


Awards were given to many for their lovely projects.  Moorhaven’s Umm Samin was selected as the winner of the Inter-Baronial A & S competition her painting “The Mideival Village”.

Kingdom 12th Night – Jan 13-15, 2017

The garb was awesone, the entire event delightful – but OH THAT FEAST!!!!  It was reported by many individuates that it was one of Atlantia’s best ever.  In one Moorhaven members words:

“Guys and Girls, Men and Women. I have to speak on the feast that we had to endure at 12th night. FIRST, let me say that in my 15 years plus of SCA, I have had only a few Feasts that were better than this one.
FIRST COURSE: Fresh baked sourdough and herb bread, with butter. Also cubes and large slices of Machego cheese and Serano Ham. Oh, and the butter was freshly made. What a way to start off. During the second course we were treated to the first of three contestants for Alantian Bard. They preformed over the next four courses.
SECOND COURSE: A cold almond soup, with Grapes and Pomegranate. Only item I was not thrilled with but others seemed to go though it, quickly.
THIRD COURSE: Pork belly, with mustard and apples. Did I mention that they had several large grills on the loading dock? Some of the best pork I have had and Alice ate every Apple on the serving plate that KK and did not get to first. Moist and succulent, designed to be the featured meat of the feast, no doubt.
FOURTH COURSE: That pork I was bragging about just above here, forgetabout. The Beef was like hunks of prime rib, cooked in a great French Sauce, with Pomegranate syrup and sprinkled with pine nuts. Cut it with our little plastic knives, it was that tender. Along with the meat there was a salad of Fresh made goat cheese and tossed uncooked Spinach.
FIFTH COURSE: Sausage and egg pie (quiche) and cooked leeks with bacon crumbles. The leeks were cooked in the Bacon grease, from making the crumbles. The egg pie had roses baked on the top, and the crust was almost like Philo dough, but it was not, just a well done pie crust.
SIXTH COURSE: Oh my goodness. A pile of figs, that had been sitting in a mixture of Rose water and Cinnamon, that was almost heavenly. Some toasted Marzipan cookies, along with some Marzipan roses (Alice ate them all but gave me a leaf, delish) and a Quincee of Apples and Pears, with Cinnamon, spices and Creme Fresh.
In short, where over the course of the last year or so, the feast at our own events have been good, this was truly and exercise of love by the Kitchen crew. I was disappointed not to see a lot of Moorhavenites, if for no other reason that to share this experience with. Hope to see you all on Tuesday night.

Kingdom Unevent 12/3

Many of Moorhaven’s officers attended unevent this year.  There was a lot of sharing of ideas and information.


Silver Chalice 9/17

Winners of the lists:
Heavy Novice Winner – Lord Marcus DeRath
Non-novice heavy – Lord Hrothgar Ravenson
Most Chivalrous- Lord Hrothgar
Best Death – Lord Pippin the Red

Novice List – Lord Hrothgar Ravenson
Rapier Non-novice – Sir Damien Broussard
Most chivalrous – Sir Damien Broussard
Best Death – Mistress Adendra aodh Marlan

Winner of the Bear Pit Tourney sponsored by Sir Damien – Lord Roibeard MacOscar

It was a great day of fighting. I want to thank Lord Brandon for Marshaling the Rapier Tourney and a BIG thank you to Lord Draco for doing the MOL and doing a fantastic job as usual.

I want to thank all the fighters who came out to play! It was a blast!

Collegium 8/13/2016


 Moorhaven held its first (of many we hope) collegium at the the Thomas Brittan Center in Myrtle Beach.  About 50        people attended, coming from baronies far and wide, even the far off Kingdom of Atenveldt was represented by Dame Gepa of SunDragon.  The center was full of interactive classes throughout the day.  There were 16 classes to select from, ranging from cooking to mead making, to embroidery and glove making, to name just a few, taught by 11 teachers from the Barony.  Even research and documentation was presented.


Lady Jorunn’s bobbin lace class – will we ever get this??? Photo by Photo by Lady Caitrina Inghean Eoin


Batik class. Photo by Lady Brig Ingen Erennaigh


Lady Umm Samin demonstrating how to attach a Persian braid case in her Blinging It class. Photo by Lady Caitrina Inghean Eoin

Not to be outdone, fighters also attended and practiced their rapier skills, with the advanced instructing the novices during the day.


Rapier practice in the back area of the center. Photo by Lady Brig Ingen Erennaigh

Throughout the day Lady Kathrine of the Doves held activities for the children and kept them entertained.  Dame Gepa was a great help, reading stories to them as well.


Clothes peg dolls – one of the many activities the children enjoyed. Photo by Lady Caitrina Inghean Eoin

 You can check on your Kingdom of Atlantia University credit by going here 

Warrior Games, 7/16/2016

Good Gentles came from far and wide to have a go at our wonderful Warrior’s Games. These multitalented Atlantians tried their hands at; shotput, spear throwing, caber tossing, hammer tossing, the all popular foot races.  and Hidden Mountain’s  own event, sheep tossing (with a lovely pig standing in for the sheep this year).

13767294_10209883269463569_5390078046670890321_o 13691061_10209883204581947_182962368823535825_o 13738290_10209883280143836_7130704169354576006_oAfter all the merriment died down Baroness Knarrarbringa’s Court was held with Baron Lucian in attendance.  They proceed to  honored the athletes who participated in the games. Baroness Asta gave a special favor to Rosalinda, daughter of Lord Abbot, for accepting the job of “feastocrat” for the upcoming Hidden Mountain’s Baronial Birthday. Baroness Asta stated she was “very proud” of her.

Hidden Mountain’s own Newsletter, the Mountain Mayhem, edited by Lord Abbott, was nominated for the William  Blackfoot, Kingdom of Atlantia award.  Lord Shojuro, too, was nominated for this award for his many contributions to the newsletter.


Baron Lucian present a special handmade (by him) ring to Megan, Pippin’s Daughter to honor her for exemplary grace and courtesy as well as participation in the games.  It should be noted that Megan was fleet-a-foot and out raced all others (adult and youth alike) in the games.

Following Court a scrumptious potluck meal was enjoyed by all.

by Lady Katherine of the Doves

SCA’s 50th Anniversary Event, June 17th – 27th, 2016,  Danville, Indiana

Not everyone could attend this awesome celebration that included dance, A&S, a multitude of displays and lots of fighting, but we can sure enjoy hearing about it.

Good blog post on the 50 anniversary celebrations

Moorhaven Night – May 17, 2016

We had a great time learning about heraldic devices, and then painted a few as well.  The upcoming Collegium was also discussed and classes planned.

IMG_6432 IMG_6433 IMG_6435 IMG_6431

Commons at St. John’s Island – Paper Making – May 18, 2016

Lady Qulan Chaghan taught a class on medieval paper making, then we made some paper.  While it was drying in the sun we had our business meeting.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful place!

13233049_10153609389886716_3937619615630307243_n   13226660_10153609389896716_3224527935121481703_n

 Glass Bead Lessons During  Moor Haven Nights  – April 26, 2016

Lady Jorunn drove all the way up here to teach this exciting class!

Lady Jurunn teaching the class with Candace Musmeci
Debra working on her beads
Lady Kathrine of the Doves Working on a bead
Moorhaven gets its first “House”
Lady Kathrine of the Doves, Lady Umm Samin, Candace Musmeci, Candace Smith, and Lady Morgain
Lady Umm Samin has been traveling afar, Dec, 2015-Feb 2016

For December-February she had been in Japan.  While there she has attended numerous Strong Hold of Battle Rock events, including 12th night, populous meetings and A&S meetings.  Here are a few pics.  In her efforts to demonstrate the generosity and of the Canton of Moorhaven, she even gave a few A&S classes while there, on making dress forms for use in garb construction, and a basic sewing class.

FullSizeRender (5)
12th Night Feasting
A few pre-dinner snacks for the kids
FullSizeRender (2)
Practice at 12th Night









Teaching A&S on Dress Froms and Basic Sewing
Dress Form making with Lady Maelona Tegmaen


Mounting the dress form on the pole
Attaching hanger to the the pole
Basic garb construction help
Impromptu Rapier Practice

Rapier, like all marshal arts, needs constant practice to refine skills, and to teach new members the finer arts.  An impromptu practice recently did just that.

mh2 mh3

At the House of Normandin, Sunday, Jan 3

Jester’s Tourney Festival of the Seven Fortunes

November 21, 2015


The weather was wonderful and allowed for a full day of fighting, competitions, youth activities and good cheer!

There were marshal activities, heavy combat, rapier and archery

Lord William Rust, Marshal in Charge
photo by Chapman
Lord Hrothgar Ravevson

photo for Chapman










photo by Chapman
Lord Afshin and Lady Isabella squared off with their rapiers in hand
photo by chapman
Lord Brandon O’Caiside inspecting equipment, Lady Isabella and Lady Caitriona

Posted by Sala E. Chapman on Monday, 23 November 2015

Rapier combat with Lady Caitriona and Lord joe Ventors, Lord Brandon O’Caiside officiating.

photo by Sala
Marshall, Lord Cian MacCealllachain Ui Dubhlaich and his daughter at the archery fields

Looks like Marshall Lord Cian MacCealllachain  is relaxing a bit as he gives his Marshall in Training, a chance to practice

Of course there were the Arts and Science exhibits to see.

The three A & S judges

Photo by Chapman

photo by Chapman
THLady Jorunn nic Lochlainn judging some of the entries.
Lord Etienne Le Mons
Court was held and there were awards 
Photo by lord Robert finger

The Crimson Cloud went to  Lord Victor Ormstung, Lady Isabella Arabella’s daughter Alistair Ravenstar (not shown), Likus, and Lady Slaine of Cleftlands

Cassene ingen Fhaelain received the Oppal

Lady Ferguson received the Sable Mountain

Michael Robertson was awarded the Youth Army award

Lady Catherine of the Doves received the Award of Courtesy

THLady Jorunn Nic Lachlainn and Lady Isabella Arabella’s daughter both  received the Azure Mountain

The A & S award for Japanese Personal Grooming items went to Lady Ferguson

The A & S award for mead went to Patrick Conrad

Youth A & S was awarded to Anna Pippin’s daughter

photo by Chapman
Two of the judges, Lord Etienne Le Mons and THLady Jorunn nic Lochlainn checking out the A & S table
A and S award went to Lady Umm Samin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya for her tanka poem Photo by Robert Finger




There were childrens activities too
photo by Chapman
Lady Katherine of the Doves making butterfly kites with Megan and Willow Pippin
Sword practice with the boys
The feast was great! 
The food was GREAT
Stormy rain, Rosalinda, Debra Caesar with Killian Farry – the feastocrat
Lord Thylacine Aquila and Lady Kay Morris with their lovely finger puppet pets

Fun was had by all!



Silver Chalice

September 6

Photos by
Photos by Krystal Smith

The fighting:  The fighting was so friendly haha. Lots of encouragement from novice to novice and belted to unbelted. The mood was jovial with the ever underlying adrenaline of combat. I truly had a wonderful experience. Congrats to William once again for his win, and after every win he embraced his opponent — oliver Pippin Jr.

Photos by Kyrstal Smith
Photos by Kyrstal Smith

Archery:  “The archery was awesome. all other activities paled in comparison, because that’s how archery rolls…  :)” — Craig Dooley

PicMonkey CollagePhotos by Jep Jepa Kajepa

Some of the “stone” sheet walls and wall hangings made by “Moorhaven Folk” during A&S meetings.  Looking pretty good!

Photos by krystal Smith and
Photos by krystal Smith and Jennifer Spann

Childrens activities:  “My 3 girls loved every minute of it, there was never a time where I heard the words I’m bored and with an 8 yo, 6 yo, and 3 yo that is a difficult task, to keep them occupied – vivats to the minister of miners”. — Leslie Pippin

Pics by Krystal Smith
Pics by Krystal Smith

Court:  “The highlight (IMHO) of Court was the announcement that, at long last, the Canton of Moorhaven is No Longer Incipient: it’s finally a full-status canton”! — Morwenna Trevethan

Pennsic XLIII

July 25 – August 10


Moorhaven was well represented by Lady Ivy, The Timberlake Family, Lady Samine and Lord Darius – there were many Hidden Mountain people there too.

The Philadelphia City Paper did a great article, “Reports From a Medieval War”. You can find it here.  

There was a nice piece about the Children’s Fete in the Pennsic Independent where knights volunteered to be pummeled by children.

For a cool Helmet cam of a battle by Jeffrey Widen  go here check out his other videos of Pennsic.

Chad Burns has several more batte videos here 

More photos and stories here.

Barony of Hidden Mountain 30th Anniversary and Investiture

April 11-13, 2004

Burning the Viking Ship In Remembrance of Lost Members
Burning the Viking Ship In Remembrance of Lost Members – with kind permission of Andrea Nichols

For more photos and stories, go here  soon – I’m working on it!

Gulf Wars XXIII    Mar 9-16, 2014

Gulf war

While we are waiting for more details from those who attended the war, here is a link for some informationn about the event.

Thousands participate in Gulf War

SCA-DEMO  Day of Medieval History November 18, 2014

Held at the North Myrtle Beach Library.


Silver Chalice – September 21, 2013 


Queen Ysabella reading to the children
Queen Ysabella reading to the children


This year’s event was held in Florence, SC.  It was a full day of fighting, arts and games. The children, too, had competitions.  The day ended with Court being held where awards were presented.  A scrumptious feast followed.




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