Pennsic 2017 – Check it out  July 28 – August 13, 2017



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A few years ago ABC News visited Pennsic and made a series of videos which are included below – watch and fall in love with the Dreem!

Let the Pennsic Wars Begin!

Castle Battle at the Pennsic Wars

Pennsic 2014

Lady Morgaine’s Pennsic –  Watch her perform on stage at Pennsic

Lady Samine’s Pennsic- We arrived around noon on Saturday of Peace Week, after parking the car we had about a two hour wait in line to get into troll to register – it was pretty hot, but Ivy and I survived.

The line for troll
The line for troll

Scadians are so nice, people shared their sunscreen, umbrellas, and stories so the wait was not too bad. Once we got through it wasn’t to difficult to find Atlantia and start setting up.   The sky was getting dark fast so we really hurried.

Almost there
Almost there

We got the sides of the yurt up in a drizzle, then the roof beams up and finally the top canvas on and smoke hole cover on just before a down pour.   By alternating between hiding under the yurt during heavy rains, and hauling in stuff when the rain let up we were able to get the beds and other necessary items set up, and the side canvas up by night fall. IMG_0609 pennsic2014-1-59The next day was a lot of work sortingout the mess we created by our hurried unpacking,  despite that it was still a fun time and we soon were off exploring Pennsic. I did a bit of volunteer work driving for the watch and the disability services, watched a few battles (but not too many), and did a good deal of window shopping.  I think the best part was making new friends with the great people at house Roan Woulfe who hosted Atlantia royal.  they were so gracious and made me feel so welcome.  they had a wonderful HOT shower (YAY!) singing around a fire in the evenings, and general camaraderie that could not be beat.  The next best thing was renewing contact with old friends from previous Pennsics.  Oh, yes,  there was the great fun of seeing Pennsic through the eyes of Lady Ivy and Lord Darius who had never been there before, and of course getting my AOA.  Just too many wonderful things to list, so I’ll finish my talking now and just add a few more pics. Uum Samine binet Asad al Isfahaninya IMG_0655IMG_0652pennsic2014-1-165IMG_0676IMG_0680IMG_0681








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