Youth and Family Achievement / Pages Academy

Youth Minister – Cathrine of the Doves


The Youth Program at Moorhaven is under the direction of Lady Katherine of the Doves.  We have a very active youth programs that includes Marshall Activities, Arts and Sciences, as well as numerous activities during events.

Two of the most notable programs are:

Youth and Family Achievement Program (YAFA):

This program provides mentors to assist students in many Arts and Sciences within the SCA.   To learn more, and enroll you child, check out their website.

Youth MUST be enrolled in the program prior to participating in any mentoring session to receive credit, and have a signed enrollment form with them.

Pages Academy Program:  Ages 5-17

Information can be found on page 8 of the Youth Activities Handbook, found here.

The Pages Academy enrollment form and more information can be found here.  

Like YAFA, youth must be enrolled before classes  to receive credit.


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